A time-honoured tradition

Luggage personalisation stems from Europe’s heraldic traditions and was immensely popular in the 19th century.

Back then, it was a practical necessity that had nothing to do with fashion or statues, but rather pursued the sole purpose of easily determining the owner of a trunk. Heaps of identical-looking luggage was a most pressing issue given the lavish travelling habits of the wealthy. Customs vary from country to country and names, stripes, initials or numbers are used to differentiate luggage. For instance, in France, tradition dictates a piece of luggage be monogrammed with the initials of its owner, whereas in the UK, it is customary to use the full first and last names.

A state-of-the-art skill

True to its lineage and heritage, Maison Goyard proudly perpetuates a rich tradition of bespoke monogramming conforming to the highest standards and using strictly artisanal methods that have remained essentially unchanged since the 19th century. Known as “Marquage” in the glossary of Maison Goyard, this unique savoir-faire is meticulously executed by hand by skilled painters carefully trained in the Maison’s tradition, with exclusive colours made with natural pigments according to a recipe that is unique to Goyard. Perfection takes time: several days are necessary to complete a basic marquage motif.

A unique aesthetic

Combining meticulous workmanship, authenticity and artistic excellence, the Art of Marquage by Goyard offers a large choice of exclusive motifs and hues allowing you to express your personality and tastes and make your Goyard truly unique and personal. 

Names or initials, stripes or strips, colour combinations and positioning: the Goyard in-store teams will be happy to guide you through the almost endless possibilities and make sure the end result is not only in perfect taste, but also perfectly represents who you are.
Every year, Maison Goyard creates an original personalisation design as a tribute to its Art of Marquage. Called “Millésime”, it reinvents a most unique savoir-faire in a new and exciting way.