The return of a Goyard figure 

Hulot the dog, a French bulldog, has been something of Goyard muse for a long time.
Inspired by Edmond Goyard’s real-life dog of the same name and breed, Hulot the dog has since the 1890s starred in many advertising campaigns, brochures and catalogues for “Le Chic du Chien”, the Maison’s cult pet accessories range, to which he is all but an official ambassador.
He also proudly adorns, in the form of a metal sculpture, the façade of the Chic du Chien boutique in Paris, and somehow provided the inspiration for many Goyard creations and personalisation designs over the years. 

The mischievous canine is back with Hulot Junior, a trio of humourous marquage motifs evoking a youthful and playful Hulot, in turn playing ball, proudly parading with a bone in his mouth, or locked in a comical face off with a butterfly. 
At once skillful and joyous, the Hulot Junior motifs highlight both the amazing creative range allowed by the hand-painted Art of Marquage by Goyard, and the Maison’s deep attachment to the pet accessories tradition.
Discover in our comptoirs the Hulot Junior marquages, available in a wide choice of colour combinations.