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the art of customization by Goyard

 Luggage personalization stems from Europe’s heraldic traditions and had its heyday in the 19th century. Back then, it was a practical imperative that had nothing to do with fashion or status, but pursued the sole purpose of determining easily the legitimate owner of a trunk. A most pressing issue given the lavish traveling habits of the wealthy, which included tons of identical-looking luggage, and were nothing short of a logistical nightmare. Customs vary from country to country, and names, stripes, initials or numbers are used to differentiate luggage. For instance, in France, tradition dictates that a piece of luggage should be monogrammed with the initials of its owner, whereas in the UK, it is customary to use the owner’s full first and last names.

Goyard perpetuates the tradition of personalization according to the highest standards: all monograms are hand-painted with exclusive paints made with strictly natural pigments, thus allowing for versatility and elegance. Thanks to a large choice of designs and fonts coming in a wide range of shades, each customer can make their Goyard unique and express their individuality.