The Watch Winder Case


Maison Goyard is delighted to present the Tourne-montre (Watch Winder) Case, the newest exceptional design from the Goyard master trunk-makers combining the ancestral expertise of our workshops with cutting-edge watch technology. 

“Alas, time comes and time goes, it subtracts little by little.”

Soren Kierkegaard

For its exterior appearance, the Tourne-montre Case celebrates Goyard’s most timeless aesthetic codes. Its structure is inspired by certain of Goyard’s great classics such as the Courrier Trunk or the 352 Case and many beautifully crafted details (wooden battens, flat trunk rivets, hasps, etc.) adorn its surfaces.

But inside hides another face: a silky lambskin interior in the form of a case for a two-directional rotating winder mechanism made in Switzerland specially for Goyard, perfectly simulating movement of the wrist.

Designed for all automatic winding watches, it makes sure they always have the right time and avoids the complex, painstaking task of resetting certain advanced elements like perpetual dates, moon phases and time equations, which often require the assistance of a specialised watchmaker.

With a mini USB port, the Tourne-montre Case also provides the possibility of programming the engine to the standards of the greatest luxury watch manufacturers.

The USB port means the case can be plugged into the mains, even if the long-life batteries in the Watch Winder Case guarantee perfect autonomy.

The final essential details, symbolic of the spirit of Goyard, for whom form and function, practicality and beauty always go hand-in-hand: the cushion where the watch is fixed made of three concentric heads to adapt to every size of strap and the discreet inner compartment for storing the USB cable and various accessories.

The Tourne-montre Case completes the classic offer of watch travel cases for 2, 4, 6 or 8 timepieces.