Humour, history and ‘savoir‑faire’ for a bag with character

Inspired by the emblematic Méditerranée bag, The Villette exemplifies the art of the tote bag the Goyard way, in a version that is both playful and colourful.

The Villette has an illustration between the two straps inspired by the Chic du Chien; the name that Edmond Goyard gave to the range of accessories proposed for pets ever since the 1890’s. It is a reproduction of part of an illustration signed by a famous caricaturist from the Belle Epoque period for a Goyard brochure, depicting Hulot, Edmond Goyard’s dog reading a book. Hulot was a French bulldog, the race used by butchers in the Hallesde la Villette, one of Paris’ famous ‘stomachs’ or ventres from the second half of the 19th century until they were closed in 1974, to hunt out rodents, hence the name of the bag.

But beyond the symbol honouring the history of the Maison, the Villette is also a condensed embodiment of a ‘savoir‑faire’ that the connoisseur will perceive in each and every detail: a Goyardine maintenue (strengthened) canvas to impeccably hold its shape, screen printing using frames following a traditional technique originating in Lyon: à la Lyonnaise, decorations and handles in Chevroches calves leather, hand-sewn stitching…

Perfectly crafted with elegant light‑heartedness, the Villette also incarnates the versatility and functionality that embodies the spirit of Goyard. It is both summery and urban, and can be worn au choix on the side of its more colourful and joyous screen‑printed illustration, or for a look that is minimalist and pure, with its Goyardine canvas face on show. Stripped of any interior fittings for more liberty, it can be masculine or feminine. Its offers a great deal of room with its generous proportions, and may be hand‑held or carried on the shoulder.

An ultimate example of the Goyard tradition, the Villette is the perfect item for a subtle personalization offered by the Maison: two or three initials, judiciously placed on the cover of the book in Goyardine canvas read by Hulot.

The Villette is available in one size only,
and four colour tones: Green, Yellow, Red and Navy Blue.