Family spirit by Goyard

The reedition of a special order commissioned in the 1930s by a French customer living in Indochina, the Saïgon handbag holds a treasured place in the Goyard universe.

Like an elegant snapshot evoking a certain ‘art du voyage’, it has incessantly been reinvented by the ateliers of the Maison, to the point of forming a veritable family, each member of which is rich with a strong personality, whether it be the classical MM (Medium model), the delicate PM (Small model), or even the recent and exquisite Soft Mini.

It is exactly in this last irresistible format that the Saïgon spirit is presented again today, this time in a structured version with clean lines and trunk‑makers signature details closely inspired by the original model.

At the meeting point between rigour and grace, the structured Saïgon Mini confirms its origins, notably symbolised by its emblematic beech wood handles and battens, all the while being completely in tune with our contemporary world.

Versatile, it can serve as a handbag, then be transformed into a cross‑body bag or be worn on the shoulder thanks to its detachable shoulder strap which can be adjusted as desired.

Functional, it optimises its compact format with special details; from its easy‑to‑hold handle to its streamlined inside pocket, meticulously designed to make it a true ally every day of the year.

Like a chameleon, it can fulfill different roles for each circumstance: day or night, formal or casual, without ever losing any of the unique timeless charm that makes Goyard itself so unique.

The Structured Saïgon Mini is available in a range of 11 colours: Black, Black & Tan, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, White and Grey.