The art of ingenious modularity by Goyard

Originally a utilitarian item used as a laundry bag on transatlantic liners in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Steamer bag stands as one of Goyard’s most emblematic and enduring designs.

As a tribute to this most beloved classic evoking a golden age of floating palaces and opulent ocean travel, Maison Goyard is pleased to release a PM (Small) sized re‑edition model combining the spirit of the Maison with a modular and versatile practicality, firmly rooted in the present.

Whether donned « navy style » on the shoulder, carried by hand like a briefcase, worn cross‑body or sported as a back‑pack, the Steamer PM 2 is a shape‑shifter that effortlessly transforms in the blink of an eye thanks to a thousand skillful details, including an amazing evolutive detachable strap*.

Classy or casual, timeless or trendy, the Steamer PM 2 is a statement piece that will appeal to the discerning contemporary voyageur on a quest for authenticity, subdued sophistication and singularity.

The Steamer PM 2 is available in five colours: Black, Black & Tan, Green, Navy Blue and Grey.

*Additional purchase