The Saint Louis Pertuis


The Goyard family of beach totes* welcomes a new member with the Saint Louis Pertuis

pertuis \pɛʁ.tɥi\ ; Masculin noun (French): an opening in a dam to let boats through (sluice gate)

A variation on the emblematic Saint-Louis tote, the Saint-Louis Pertuis retains all the characteristics that have made its success (removable inside pouch, exceptionally comfortable leather straps, lightweight, reversible …) whilst adapting them in a resolutely summertime look.

Here, the ecru linen and cotton canvas usually used on the inside takes the leading role, adorned with bands of Goyardine canvas and the seal of the House, whilst Goyardine canvas, whose waterproof properties make it ideal for dealing with damp swimwear and towels, takes on a more discreet role than usual, on the inside of the bag.

The final elegant detail that signs its singular nature is the use of natural leather for both the handles and the trim used around the bag, resulting in a unique association of colours contrasting with the Goyardine canvas and the ecru canvas, where the traditional Saint-Louis uses a tone on tone look.

Available in two sizes (small and large) and three colours of Goyardine canvas (green, burgundy and sky blue), the Saint-Louis Pertuis, whose name celebrates the river worker roots of the Goyard family, will be your perfect summer partner.

* Méditerranée and Belharra totes are also available from Maison Goyard