Maison Goyard has the pleasure of inviting you to discover Illusions, a series of whimsical videos revealing our most recent re‑issues in a playful way...

A soft Saïgon Mini, whose featherweight elegance is retained literally by a thread... A re‑invented Bellechasse, snaking like a serpent before the charmer... A Sainte Marie clutch, the shape of which is as changing as it is versatile...

These are just a few of the surprises offered by Illusions, a series of whimsical videos revealing the most recent re‑editions by Goyard in an entertaining and surprising way.

Conjuring up the bold and humorous graphic tradition invented by Edmond Goyard, who collaborated with some of the greatest illustrators of the Belle Époque (Falize, Rabier…) to design innovative advertising posters, Illusions invites you to discover once again the thousands of meaningful details which make each Goyard creation a unique and singular piece.

The Saïgon Mini Soft, a delicate and spiritual variation on the Saïgon, one of the great classics from Goyard and a symbol of the creative approach of a Maison endlessly drawing on its tradition to invent the future, has been chosen to inaugurate the series, the following chapters of which will be exclusively presented on Goyard’s social network pages over the coming weeks.