Introducing the new instant classic by Goyard

The latest in a long line of bags combining allure and functionality, the Rouette is deeply rooted, as always, in Maison Goyard’s heritage.

Its name was inspired by a traditional tool used by Burgundy raftsmen to tie logs together and facilitate their transport via rivers to Paris, a clear nod to the Goyard family, who had been log drivers for generations before moving to the City of Lights.

But beyond its patronym, the Rouette soft bag embodies the principle of ingenious modularity that has been one of Maison Goyard’s essential skills ever since its foundation in 1853. A lineage evident in a galore of fine craftsmanship details: a clever strap that allows multiple ways to wear the bag, side gussets seamlessly tucked inside or outside the bag to change its structure & look at will, or a flap that can be sported in or out, to name just a few of this bag’s many features.

It follows that the Rouette is a wonderfully versatile shapeshifter that offers almost as many ways to wear it as there are hours in the day, without ever losing Goyard’s trademark lightness and souplesse.

Evolving from discreet to statement, timeless to contemporary, the Rouette reinvents itself to match your life and needs, both night and day.

The Rouette soft bag is available in a one size,
and 11 colours : Black, Black & Tan, Red, Orange, 
Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, White and Grey.