Every year, Maison Goyard imagines an original personalization design to illustrate its Art of Marquage

Baptised “Millésime”, it is proposed exclusively during the year of its conception.

For the 2020 edition, the Maison draws its sources and inspirations once again from the Goyard family history with its Rouette design, whose name refers to a supple branch of hornbeam used by the “Compagnons de Rivière”, raftsmen of old whose trade consisted in transporting enormous amounts of firewood downriver from the Morvan forest to Paris, which depended on them for its hearths and ovens.

The rouette was an indispensable element that was used to ingeniously tie together the huge wood rafts or ‘trains’, each of which could measure up to 75m by 4,5m and allowed the “Compagnons de Rivière” to arrive safely with this immense cargo to Paris after a gruelling journey that lasted 11 days.

An allusion to the original occupation of François Goyard’s ancestors before he founded the house in 1853, the Rouette underlines both the versatility and the authenticity of the Art of Marquage by Goyard, entirely hand‑painted in full respect of an ancestral savoir‑faire that has remained unchanged since the 19th century.

The Rouette Millésime Marquage can be ordered in a large variety of colours and is suitable for most of Maison Goyard’s creations.

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