The Régence Mini-Trunk 2


The art of the jewelry case by Goyard

The quintessence of Maison Goyard’s timeless elegance and ancestral trunk‑making savoir‑faire, the Régence Mini‑Trunk 2 was conceived as a perfectly fitted jewel case for the legendary Regent diamond, owned by the French kings and now exhibited in one of their former residences, the Louvre.

Discovered in the Golconda region of India in 1698, this exceptional 140,5 carat jewel largely surpassed all the diamonds then known in the west both in beauty and in weight and to this day is considered to be the most beautiful diamond in the world because of its exceptional flawlessness and the quality of its cut.

This new version of the Régence mini‑trunk now comes with two small detachable cushions made of Vézelay lambskin, to hold, protect and exalt your most precious treasures: rings, earrings, cufflinks...

Bedside jewel box , travel case or a refined gift to accompany the most beautiful diamond, the Régence Mini-Trunk 2 is perfectly adapted to customisation, the initials of a soon‑to‑be‑wed couple, for example, could be painted on its cover.

In harmony with the preciousness of its content, each Régence Mini‑Trunk 2 is a unique object entirely hand‑made by one craftsman whose initials are marked on the trunk‑makers label placed on the lining of the lid, along with its fabrication date and serial number.

The Régence Mini‑Trunk 2 is available in 12 colours: Black, Red , Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, White, Grey, Silver and Gold.