An emblematic Goyard classic, the Belvedere bag echoes the roots of the Maison.

Its very name evokes the gentle hills surrounding Clamecy, the town in Burgundy where the Goyard family originates from, whilst its aesthetics take inspiration from the rugged hobo bags used by the Compagnons de rivière (river log drivers, the traditional trade of the Goyard family before the inception of the Maison), during their journeys from the forests of Morvan to Paris.

Freedom of movement, utilitarian flair and refinement: The new Belvedere 2 retains all the fundamental characteristics of the original model, yet ushers in a new « sport chic meets minimal » feel.

New functional details like the creased leather strap with a metal loop ensuring easy fastening/unfastening, the all-around leather trim highlighting its soft curves, or the leather-lined flap for enhanced structure; all reinvent the staple bag with quiet sophistication.

A practical, reliable everyday companion first and foremost, the Belvedere 2 is equipped with three large pockets to safely host all daily essentials, and an adjustable leather strap to be worn over the shoulder or cross-body.

Versatile at heart, the Belvedere 2 is in turn feminine and delicate in PM (small) size, or more architectural and gender-neutral in MM (medium) size.

The Belvedere 2 bag is available in 11 colours: Black, Black & Tan, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, White, Grey.