Maison Goyard reinvents the Bellechasse bag.

The Bellechasse Biaude is inspired by the past history of the Goyard family as timber raftsmen. The bag is resolutely focused on practicality thanks to the Biaude and Croc, two new accessories with evocative names borrowed from the vocabulary of these intrepid river men who rafted wood for heating from the Morvan forests to Paris.

The Biaude was a cape-like shirt worn by raftsmen to protect them from the cold and rain. Here it becomes a protective flap to keep the bag’s contents out of sight and dry.

The Croc is a reference to the tool used to push difficult logs back into the river current. On the Bellechasse it becomes a clever and elegant closing system. A leather cord is attached to one of the handles; it has a clamp at one end to close the top of the bag securely.

The Bellechasse Biaude PM is available in 11 different colours for the Goyardine version, and 5 different colours (Black, Gold, Grey, Navy Blue and Burgundy) for the bull calf leather version.