THE ART OF FOLDING BY GOYARD<br />Part 2 : the Sainte Lucie bag

Part 2 : the Sainte Lucie bag


The Caravelle suitcase is not the only folding creation by Goyard.

Several other iconic pieces, such as the Boeing and Croisière travel bags to name a few, are also fully foldable, but none of them is as emblematic of the art of folding by Goyard as the Sainte Lucie bag.

Inspired by a vintage steamer bag from the Maison’s archives, its ingenious traditional design -very similar to that of the Caravelle- makes it a refined and timeless piece of luggage

But there is more to the Sainte Lucie than meets the eye, and behind its respectable façade lies a maverick spirit, an uncanny talent for constantly reinventing itself. Whether sported as a dramatically chic weekender bag or a daring urban briefcase, it is the preferred choice of a contemporary dandy who will appreciate its singular aesthetics, and the elegantly carefree attitude that goes with it.

The sheer purity of its lines, and the unusual tubular quality of its soft volumes lend themselves particularly well to customization, and allow an unlimited choice when it comes to picking the right shade of Goyardine, as understated and bright colours equally become it.

As it is tradition for Goyard, many subtle details pay tribute to the Maison’s storied heritage as a trunk maker, as exemplified by the collar studs adorning the flap, or the ergonomic leather handle that replicate those of traditional trunks.

In turn minimal or eye-popping, classic or cutting edge, the Sainte Lucie is versatile at heart, yet never departs from its distinctive idiosyncratic charm.