The art of detail by Goyard

At first sight, the Camondo 2 pouch is simplicity itself: a parallelepiped with sleek lines crafted in a harmonious combination of two materials, Goyard canvas and smooth Vauzelles calfskin.

But behind this apparent minimalism, many discreet, almost secret, details reveal themselves to the experienced eye, all testimony to the authentic craftsmanship perpetuated by the Goyard workshops since 1853: an ultra-flat design with rounded corners so that it slides easily into a briefcase; a large internal compartment which is slightly padded to protect the contents, a flat back pocket...

But it is perhaps the double closing tab that best illustrates this art of the humble, yet essential detail so characteristic of Goyard’s style: folded, it slips easily through the smooth leather loop and ensures easy opening. Unfolded, it keeps the pouch closed and ensures the contents are safe. One simple movement is all that’s needed.

Heir to this rich heritage, the Camondo 2 pouch continues in the Goyard tradition and proves to be eminently versatile and adaptable: ideal for safely storing your tablet or mobile phone, it transforms into the perfect pouch for day or evening leisure use, a multi-purpose companion for daily use or a mini-format document holder, and always with its unisex, understated elegance and a certain timeless and unique charm.

The Camondo 2 pouch is available in a range of 11 colours: Black, black & natural, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white and grey.