Our products

I would like to know the price or the availability of a product, where can I find this information?

We do not provide any price or availability information on our products by email or telephone.
Our sales assistant will however be pleased to help you during your next visit in one of our boutiques.

How to personalize my Goyard?

The Art of Marquage or art of the hand as it is widely known in France utilizes hand‑painting techniques to personalize a handbag or trunk.
Goyard has perpetuated this artisanal savoir‑faire since our inception in 1853.
On your next visit to a boutique, our sales associates would be pleased to assist you with this service.
Please experience the Art of Marquage with our online simulator, found under the link personalization.

What is the lead time for a personalization order?

All of our Marquage designs are handpainted by our craftsman, true to the roots of our trunk‑making legacy.
Each marquage is individual and therefore unique, hence it is challenging for us to provide you with a precise lead time.
An approximate time estimate for a 'classic' marquage: stripes and initals, would be four weeks.

How could I take care of my Goyard product?

Goyard products are made utilizing the traditional methods perfected by our craftsman.
Discover here all our care instructions.

How can I authenticate my Goyard product?

We are unable to address this type of request over email or the telephone.
Our team of sales associates would be pleased to assist you during your next visit to one of our boutiques.


How can I track my order?

Our products and Marquage designs are created by hand, utilizing the ancestral techniques introduced by our founder Francois Goyard in 1853.
Please click here for an update on your order or personalization.

I would like to purchase a product online, how to proceed?

Our philosophy is to address the needs of our clients visiting the boutiques, hence we do not offer any shopping services online.
We are able to offer a distance sales depending on your proximity to a boutique.

Can I order a Goyard product by distant sale?

In the event you do not live close by or are unable to visit one of our boutiques, we are able to offer a distant sale service.
We will do our best to address your request as soon as possible, once we receive the following completed form.

How can I exchange my Goyard product purchased in a boutique?

Item returned unworn and in the original packaging including protections can be exchanged, within thirty days from the date of purchase, upon presentation in person of the purchase ticket.
Exchanges are subject to the approval of the boutique management team. Any product purchased online cannot benefit from our after‑sales service.
Goyard strongly discouraged to shop online and do not guarantee the authenticity of such purchases.

Our boutiques

Where can I find a boutique?

La Maison Goyard is a global company with a network of boutiques situated worldwide, according to historical and strategical logics. You will therefore find our boutiques in the most popular locales and destinations.
For more information, please see our store locator page.

What are the boutiques' opening hours?

Please see our store locator page, where you are able to select a city or geographical area.
Here you will find the boutiques' opening hours and closing days.

La Maison Goyard

How can I stay informed of Goyard's announcements?

An official newsletter is provided by La Maison Goyard to keep you updated on the latest news and new product launches.
To join the newsletter, please click here.

I would like to join the company, how to apply?

To submit an application, please complete the application form here. A member of our Human Resource team will be in touch.

If you do not find any answer to your question, please fill in the following form.