How to care for your Goyard product

Goyard products are exclusively manufactured using traditional and hand-crafted procedures. Certain precautions are necessary for their cleaning and use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our sales desks. Only our teams are authorized to advise you and carry out any maintenance or repairs you may require.


- Do not carry anything excessively heavy, do not use the item for any unusual purpose which could alter the materials and the colours

- Keep the item away from sharp objects

- Do not use any detergents (alcohol, solvents and thinners), oily products (lipsticks) or inks (pens) which could irreversibly and indelibly damage the item

- Do not expose the item to high temperatures or direct sunlight over long periods

- Keep the item away from any material with possibly unstable colours that may stain the Goyardine or the lining 

- Keep the item away from liquids When appropriate, mop the liquid gently using a soft, dry cotton cloth that does not peel


- Clean your Goyardine and leather item by wiping it with a soft cotton cloth that does not peel

- When not in use, store the item in its felt sheath in a cool, dark place and fill with tissue paper to help retain its shape

- Do not use plastic to store the item

- Do not wash in a washing machine or use any other mechanical process

- Regularly return your item to our craftsmen for deep cleaning or reconditioning


Goyard only uses noble and natural materials that need a "rest". By adopting regular periods of non-use, you will extend the lifetime of your item.